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By the Way

"By the Way" Angela Kilchoer

Angela Kilchor of BTW says:

"We really enjoyed the recording with you. You pushed us musically and the results are much better than we imagined we could create."

Tina Pantli:

"I found it really interesting to see how you approach a song and I went home inspired. With your methods I was able to write a new song straight away."

Manuel Halter:
(Keyboarder with Anja Lehman Band, Beschtof, Alina & Mr H. Stef Hüsler etc.

It's really great. You did a morzmässig" super Job. Specially the mixes are great but also the arrangments really cool. Congratulations :-)

Writing Songs

Song writing is the art of packing a whole series of ideas or experiences into a simple, moving or exciting combination of words and melody.

A good song

  • Has universal ideas that everyone can easily relate to
  • And ideas that make it fresh or unique
  • Has a hookline that the listener loves to sing

Writing music


I write music sitting at the piano, keyboard or guitar. I use Protools or Logic to capture and develop ideas. My favorite tool for programming is Reason. I like to sketch an idea as a chord chart and let the performer fill out the details. But I can score an orchestral arrangement if required. (I worked with a Polish String Orchestra on my debut album, Far More)


Writing Sound for Picture


Music defines thhe mood and the era of a piece of film. Timeless or trendy, trashy or transcendent. It is all about the choice of sounds, rhythmn and melodic motifs which recur to create an audio identity for a film or video.



If you want to produce music that will reach the world you need to start with strong songs. If you are not a gifted song writer and native english speaker then it is a good idea to start co-writing with some one who is. Like me for example.


I am keen to write with anyone who is actively performing their material or with artists working towards professional recordings.

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Loud and Clear?

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Clients / Artists

Alina & Mr H
Alain Kamanga, Congo
Andy Schulthess
Beyond Reality
Cherry Lane Publishing
Classicanto Chor Zurich
Dänu Wisler
George Martin Music
ICF Zürich
Irish Film Board
Imperial College London
Ismile / Dabusoft
Kaluzny Blues Band
Kings Kids
Kir Music / Deep River
Kinderchor der JMS Stadt Zurich
Lidija Roos
Made in Mind
Martine Ssebagala
Männerchor Leimbach
Music Act
NasCar USA
Not by Accident
Papa Wemba, Congo/Paris
Research & Development
The Really Useful Company
Shell Renewables
Vineyard Music
Soul Waiver
XIF Chor Zurich
World Vision Switzerland



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