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Did you record all these track in your studio ?

Yes. With the exception of the live strings recorded for Far More in Poland and the Papa Wemba demo recorded in a hotel room in Paris.

recording studio near Zurich

What do you work on?

My Protools HD system is powerful and transparent - the perfect tool for any job. I favour Reason for programming. If it is a complex orchestral arrangement where we need a score then Logic is the choice.

How do you master?
I master using a combination of soft- and hardware tools as required.

The key to mastering is the listening room, the transient response and linearity of the monitors and the engineer's experience.

Blackburn Production's Christof Mäder has acoustically measured several top control room systems in Swiss studios and says "David Taylor's PMC monitors and large control room area make on of the best available mastering environmnents in the country."

Key Equipment
Protools HD2 with 192 I/O, PMC IB1s Monitors witth Brystone Amp, Mindprint DTC with Digital IO,
Lexcion 480L, Blueberry Mic, PRS Custom, Gibson Acoustic, Taylor 414, Earthworks SR77s, Marshall 1960 4x12 and Peavey Vintage Encore Head, Sennheiser 421s, TC Finalizer Plus etc.

Listen to Song snippets here


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Orchestral / Rock / FIlm TV Score

(Composed for Nascar USA TV title sequence.



Programming-based Pop

(RnD - Album: Research and Development)

This Ring | Lik U | Who I should be | Give me air | Capital L.O.V.E. | Some have said | Reason & Rhmye | Better love | Miracles


Rock Band - Studio Production

(Soul Waiver - Album: Clean)

It's so good | Nourishment | Washed & Covered | Altar | Help me believe | Your love | Clean | All this & more | Remember


Children's Songs - Hi Quality Kids Pop Production

(Kings Kids & Vineyard Zuri. Album: Strom)

Schirm | Ich schnufe | So guet zu mir | Haesch gwuesst | Es Papier | De Saemaa | Du bisch wunderbar | Waenn's eine git | Strom | G'rettet muesch si

Follow-up album just completed. See recent work.


World Music - (Congo's great vocal legend)

Papa Wemba. Demo: Recorded in Hotel in Paris.

Kombo Nayo


Melodic Pop with Real Strings

(David M. Taylor. Album Far More

Far more | Come breathe | Too good | Solace


More from Far More

Glad | Sweet talking | Sweet remix | How sweet | Only one | Cross of love


VU meter

Loud and Clear?

> Hear tracks that I have produced

Clients / Artists

Alina & Mr H
Alain Kamanga, Congo
Andy Schulthess
Beyond Reality
Cherry Lane Publishing
Classicanto Chor Zurich
Dänu Wisler
George Martin Music
ICF Zürich
Irish Film Board
Imperial College London
Ismile / Dabusoft
Kaluzny Blues Band
Kings Kids
Kir Music / Deep River
Kinderchor der JMS Stadt Zurich
Lidija Roos
Made in Mind
Martine Ssebagala
Männerchor Leimbach
Music Act
NasCar USA
Not by Accident
Papa Wemba, Congo/Paris
Research & Development
The Really Useful Company
Shell Renewables
Vineyard Music
Soul Waiver
XIF Chor Zurich
World Vision Switzerland



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