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About a Recent Project

Schoeni Songs Sampler


What do you record on?

Protools HD2 - the standard for music and soundtrack production. It combines the highest possible quality with maximum flexibilty.

How big is the studio?
We have enough space for a band, a choir and several soloists to record simultaneously.

african guitar

What does it cost?

Call me to discuss your project. I work with fixed prices per song or album or with coaching prices that are comparable to hiring a music teacher on an hourly basis.

'Ears of Experience

With years of musical and technical experience, David coordinates freelancers and plans new projects to precisely fit your needs and vision.

Recording Services


Arrangement and Production * Mixing and Mastering

Radio Spots * Live Recording

Sound for Film and Video


Spot the Difference

What is the secret of a great recording? Everything! Every tiny improvement adds up to make the difference between world-class and mediocrity.

The combination of high-end analog and state-of-the-art digital tools allow me to efficiently produce recordings that simply sound right.


However the key to a satisfied artist is a pricing plan that allows enough time to get the details right.


Analog and digital recording studio



VU meter

Loud and Clear?

> Hear tracks that I have produced

Clients / Artists

Alina & Mr H
Alain Kamanga, Congo
Andy Schulthess
Beyond Reality
Cherry Lane Publishing
Classicanto Chor Zurich
Dänu Wisler
George Martin Music
ICF Zürich
Irish Film Board
Imperial College London
Ismile / Dabusoft
Kaluzny Blues Band
Kings Kids
Kir Music / Deep River
Kinderchor der JMS Stadt Zurich
Lidija Roos
Made in Mind
Martine Ssebagala
Männerchor Leimbach
Music Act
NasCar USA
Not by Accident
Papa Wemba, Congo/Paris
Research & Development
The Really Useful Company
Shell Renewables
Vineyard Music
Soul Waiver
XIF Chor Zurich
World Vision Switzerland



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