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  All materials offered here are copyright free when used in connection with the promotion of David M. Taylor and the album 'Far more'.
  Das gesamte Pressematerial von David M. Taylor und dem Album 'Far more', steht für Promotionszwecke frei zur Verfügung.
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prepul1.tif (795 kb)
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  thinkben thinkben.tif (748 kb)
618 x 411 Pixel
  putonph1 putonph1.tif (764 kb)
626 x 414 Pixel
  putonpho putonpho.tif (867 kb)
637 x 462 Pixel
  singpull singpull.tif (734 b)
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  holdingh holdingh.tif (1.2 mb)
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  pianoref pianoref.tif (1 mb)
663 x 540 Pixel
  bassmi2 bassmi2.tif (1 mb)
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